Natural Treatment for Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids are painful and often cause great discomfort and distress. It can affect people from all age groups, and occur more frequently during pregnancy or after middle-age. Hemorrhoids are caused by swollen veins around the rectum. Bleeding and intense irritation are the symptoms associated with this condition. Many people choose to bear the pain in silence, due to embarrassment or fear of surgery. Hemorrhoids respond well to natural treatments, the treatments are often available right at home and have no side effects.

9 Natural Treatments

Calming warm baths

Girl in the bath

Girl in the bath

A warm bath is an excellent remedy for Hemorrhoids. Soak the affected areas in warm water for at least 10 minutes a day. Or better still, invest in a sitz bath. This bath fits right over the toilet, making it very convenient to use.

Keep squeaky clean

Keep the affected areas clean and dry at all times. Regular showers are most helpful. Soaps are best avoided, as they may further aggravate the irritation.

Give up on spice

Hot, spicy food may cause the condition to flare up. Fried foods, too, are best left alone.

Give banana a go

Fruit01_from_Danjones.jpg Fruit Banana

Natural laxatives are amazing as they ease normal functions. Constipation aggravates Hemorrhoids, and ripe banana is a natural laxative. Boiled banana works wonders for this condition.

Try Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is a cooling, soothing gel. Applying Aloe Vera, liberally, on the affected parts, calms and helps heal Hemorrhoids.

Juice it up

Radish is ideal for flushing out toxins from the system and helps soothe Hemorrhoids. This natural treatment is very effective. Extract the juice from a raw radish and drink it fresh.

Choose olive oil

olive oil

olive oil

Applying olive oil, locally, to the affected veins and the surrounding areas brings relief and comfort. Other alternatives are petroleum jelly and Vitamin E oil.

Use an ice pack

An outstanding natural treatment that reduces inflammation and calms the intense irritation is an ice pack. Place an ice pack on the affected parts for no more than a few minutes, at a time, to bring instantaneous and lasting relief.

Keep moisture out

Try avoiding toilet paper, as it can aggravate and further irritate. Keep moisture at bay by gently wiping the impacted areas, whenever wet or moist, with extra soft tissue or a soft bath towel.

Natural treatments for Hemorrhoids help minimize the pain and inflammation that are commonly experienced. These treatments have been around for generations and are recommended to promote natural healing from Hemorrhoids. Try these natural treatments, they are easy to access and can be tried out in the privacy of your home.

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hemorrhoids cream

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